Monday, August 17, 2009

Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2009

No matter what condition I am in, I will always head to the start line for this run....even if I can only walk, I will want to sweat out with 70000 people.....the largest running event in Singapore.

This year went with a bad right leg

The goodie bag.....Salonpas is the main sponsor and they even dropped 2 samples in the bag

From InSaNe T@z

Another interesting thing is the timing chip used is from Champion Chips but is one time used only:

From InSaNe T@z

The whole journey of 21km is long for me....considered I did not have a proper training and run for past 2 weeks after my busted knee fixed....only did swim and stationary bike in the gym......

The strategy is to run and walk to break the stress cycle on the knee......ITB did flare up a bit along the way...but walking does help to get it off.....managed to complete in 160min....and thanks...the journey goes on


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