Friday, July 15, 2005

Running Gear III: My Running Attire

"I thought running shoes were the only equipment needed for running, but my more experienced running friends tell me I should invest in "technical apparel." What exactly is this stuff, and do I really need it?" by: Warren Greene, Runner's world article: Proper Attire I started wearing non-cotton attire for run not because some more experienced friends tell me so. In fact, during my competitive days, I was wearing cotton top for races just because that is my school's standard ace attire. However, the distance I ran are not long enough to feel the difference compare to wearing top made of non-cotton "technical" material. In fact, I only started wearing non-cotton "technical" top for running a year back when i decided to make long distance running part of my life and it is in Attire 1 below. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I stated a quote from Runner's world about in my previous posting on socks: "Let's face it, most of us don't put a lot of thought into the socks we wear. Yet nothing ruins a run faster than blisters, which are caused by moist feet and friction. " Can also be applied to running attire: "Let's face it, most of us don't put a lot of thought into the top and shorts we wear. Yet nothing ruins a run faster than abrasions, bleeding nipples which are caused by moist fabrics and friction. " Another main problem which may arise using improper attire especially in Singapore is dehydration and inability to control body temperature efficiently. Singapore weather is hot and very humid. Cotton made attire will absorb sweat, made our clothes heavy, reduced evaporation rate and reduced heat loss. For "technical" fabrics like ClimaCool, Coolmax, Dri FIT, lightening dry, technodry, these will not keep our sweat in like cotton, it helps to improve heat loss by wicking our sweat to the clothing surface for evaporation, which will help to regulate our body temperature. However, do not expect these special material to be so efficient that you will be dry and cool all the way in Singapore. With such high humidity up above 90%(reduce evaporation) and hot temperature (increase sweat rate), these material does not do wonders but at least make you feel better than cotton top during a long long run. Maybe if you tried running in other location with much lower humidity, these materials are really a miracles for runners. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have my fair share of bad experience due to improper running attire during NIKE REAL Run 2004. My running shorts (not any one of those stated below) caused abrasion on my tights which in the end affected my running form for the last part of my run. it was so red that i believe bleeding will result if I carry on running after the race end. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Anyone wanted to spot me running on the road or during running event can use these as a reference: ******** Attire 1: Dark Blue ******** Brooks sprint singlet : COLOUR: dark blue/white My oldest piece of running clothing here. Got it at sportslink sale in 2003. I like this top because is thin and light when still comfortable when wet. ASICS running shorts: COLOUR: Dark blue My newest piece of running cloth. Got it at PS ASICS clearance store. This is light and comfortable. I chose this colour to match the top. Races so far using Brooks top: NIKE Real Run 2004, Mizuno Wave Run 2004 ******** Attire 2: Red Adidas ******** Adidas 3 strips running suit: COLOUR: red Got these 2 pieces separately from 2 different sportslink outlet. You may ask why RED??? actually is both are the last piece which I can fit in. Seems to be american sizes, my top is size 'xs' and shorts is size 's'. The top feels heavy when is wet but the shorts is the lighest among the 3 i have. I ran 2004 army half marathon in this set with no problem. Races used so far: SBR & AHM 2004, MILK Run 2005 ******** Attire 3: White SBR & AHM ******** No brand SBR & AHM top: COLOUR: white Got this at 2004 SBR & AHM race expo. My favourite top as it is the most comfortable and feel the lightest when wet. I plan to wear this for future SBR & AHM until it retires. ASICS running shorts COLOUR: white This short has a matching top but I cannot find it so I got this to match the SBR & AHM top. comfortable but the heaviest when wet among the 3. Races used so far: NONE ****************************************** Point noted: Always train with your race attire to season them and also to check if there is any issue with chaffing or friction when wet. Do not let them spoilt your race.

Cheers...........Happy Running


carine said...

Nice bumping into you! :D


Nick said...

where did you buy the white asics shorts from? i would like to get a pair to match my top too.i cant find it in marina square

insanet@z said...

hi Nick,
This was brought 6 yeas ago at a warehouse sale...This model is not longer available in the market


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