Wednesday, August 09, 2006

41st National Day LSD

"I run for endorphines and not lactic acid" skupr22km It was a very cooling national day was our country's 41st birthday. Next year will be 42nd..maybe next year we should think of something like running 42km to celebrate the nation birthday. Unfortunately, i am still not conditioned to run 41km this year to kick off this idea. There was this Bug's Run this morning which they will cover abt 13km of this year AHM route. Maybe i was just plain lazy to travel i did not join the run. I decided to attempt the 22km run to UPR and back which i did in june again. Woke up at 6am, i managed to start my run at 6:35am after dazing in my house trying to wake up my brain. The morning was very cooling today....due to national day, there was very few vehicles on the route....saw quite a number of morning runners and joggers along the took me abt 5km before my body got warmed up..... i was lucky that for the first half of the run, i was abt to run thru traffic junctions without waiting for the lights. trying to keep my pace slower than my last i entered the road leading to UPR where the wonderful slopes are, the air got cooler and cooler....i guess is abt 22-23C only...the sky was cloudy and i doubt the sun will be up.....reached UPR toilet at abt 1hr 03min. I too a quite break at the restroom for abt 2:30min before i on my way again....suddenly, i started to shivered a bit.....the temperature was pretty low (in singapore standard) was like in the aircon room..... My legs felt light as i reached the UTR and YCK junction at a faster time i took compared to running in just now. I waited for quit a while before the lights turned i started my run..i started to feel uncomfortable....just plain tired and lazy.....managed to reached the 16km point but waited at the junction again. The rest of my 6km back was full of struggle and i was running with my willpower....i stopped a few times at the junctions waiting for the lights for at least 1min...which has gave my legs some rest. it was at 18km when light drizzle came.....the blessing of showers did not make my feel better....i struggled on and was running very awkwardly and managed to finish at 2hrs 09min....this was 5min faster than my last run including rest time...... after a check at home...did realised that i was pressing too faster for the whole run but managed to maintain at quite a constant speed....i should try to cut down my pace by 10s for every km the next time.....or maybe i will try my run/walk on this route. shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 22km total time: 2hrs 09min average pace: 5:52min/km lap 2.9km - 16:35min@5:43min/km 3.1km - 17:53min@5:46min/km 2.0km - 11:23min@5:42min/km 3.0km - 17:29min@5:50min/km 2:30min rest 3.0km - 16:35min@5:32min/km 2.0km - 11:49min@5:55min/km 3.1km - 18:07min@5:51min/km 2.9km - 17:01min@5:52min/km


Renohtaram said...

oh, u got caught in the rain too!

KickJazz said...

if u wan to run slow, just call me to run. I guarantee u can run slow! 1 teh peng back guarantee! :P

t@z said...

renoh...just a bit of drizzle...not enough to wet my shoes....hahaa

thanks KJ, will definitely call u along


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