Sunday, December 02, 2007

Back to the civilian world

After 2 weeks of serving the nation, I am back finally......

it is a big day for most runners in singapore but i just slept my way away till late morning...too shack out from last 2 weeks lack of sleep with physical and mental stress

Week 1: tues to wed only slept 2 hrs and was away till thursday midnite...that is 2hrs of sleep in 72hrs with 2hrs walk from 20++ kg load in the middle of the nite

Week 2: monday nite only slept 3hrs and no sleep till thursday morning 6am ....concussed for 3hrs on thursday morning until nobody can wake me up........came back on friday and officially back to normal world on sat evening

The worst of the life in green has gone and .....recovery is still in progress.........


KickJazz said...

welcome back!
let's do a SLOW SHORT run soon! :P

insanet@z said...



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