Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last nite run before AHM

"Running is a childish and primitive thing to do. That's its appeal, I think. You strip away all the chains of civilization. While you're running, you go way back in history" - Joe henderson, runner and writer
skpg99km continuous 2 days of mind bogging OT at work has drained my energy....wonder if that is the cause of my slow recovery from tues CBD run. My claves are tight and legs heavy as I managed to start my run tonite at 9pm....i decided to do a last light run before AHM. Forced my legs to move..i hope to warmed up by 4km and feel better...but it did not..headwind was very strong at punggol as as i struggled and managed to do a 9.9km in abt 54min....including some traffic light stops for the last 2.4km....i think i need to try the eagle brand muscle rub given in one of the run goodie bag. shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 9.9km total time: 54:34min average speed: 5:31min/km lap: 2.5km for 14:24min@5:46min/km 2.7km for 15:08min@5:36min/km 2.3km for 12:14min@5:19min/km 2.4km for 12:46min@5:19min/km

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