Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sinned! I paid for my first shoes this year......

I have been eyeing this shoes for past 1 year...This new model came out together with Axiom 3...but that time, I wanted to buy Axiom 2 and unexpectly saw Axiom 3 on the shelf and brought it without any thinking...Ghost at that time was a stranger to was recently that I switch my short runs to Nike Free that Axiom 3 does no fit into my running style....

After trying for a few times and monitoring forums and feedback ont he web...I thought is time to get the Ghost for my upcoming longer runs to prepare for my Half marathon in Aug......The price of Brooks Ghost has been high and without much discount even in queensway that stop my from getting it earlier until...The Great Singapore Sale.....The price 25% of the retail price that I decided to commit to it.....especially for this beautiful colour

a big GHOST on the side and the tongue of the shoes

Compared with the Nike Air Elite+ 4, the forefoot curved up which allows the feet to be off the ground faster and smoother..

A unique Outsole pattern that are not found in most running shoes...normal outole pattern are catered for forward motion of the feet...patterns usually are placed facing forward....but not this....which placed emphasis on the forefoot area....

First feel.....why I am in love for this shoes on first feet is the heels....the heels are narrow and low to the ground...very unlike of brooks which you will see thick and wider cushioning at the heels (which is the reason why Axiom 3 is causing problems to me) fact, there is a big hydroflow pad at the forefoot which makes the forefoot seems to tbe higher and "heavier" than the heel (sound like NEWTON running shoes) every steps will naturally cause the forefoot to land on the ground wonder I saw a forum discussion that the runners are using Ghost to replace Newtons because it cost half the price, having the same feel that cause forefoot landing and the quality of shoes is much fact, shoes reviewers have commented that Brooks has put in better stuff in shoes that are only found in their higher range shoes

The first time I got the shoes and I went for a 19km run (pushing beyond my last longest run is 12km)....and I will review and give more details about this beautiful shoes in my next entry

Go Green....go Brooks biodegradable MoGo...and Run Happy!!!


Jodan said...

How much is the shoes after the 25% discount?

Does it feels hot running mid-foot/ fore-foot? =)

Jodan said...

Forget to ask, where can we buy it? =)

insanetaz said...

retail at $159
available at all sportslink

interesting felt hotter running mid-foot/fore-foot? I cannot compare because i have been running this way all these while

Jodan said...

K14, my feet will feel hot while running mid-foot.

Dun have issues with lightweight trainers though. =)

Wow, after 25% discount still costs $159?

insanetaz said...

no..i mean retail price is $159 so I got it at 25% off the retail price....I saw the same discount for all sportslink outlets i went so far


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