Friday, August 18, 2006

SBR & AHM 2006 pre-race expo

A kiasu Singaporean today, i went to Toa Payoh Safra 2 hrs after the race pack collection is open for business....quite a number of pple there already but no familiar faces.....all the vendors booths are not up yet.....this year looks quite organised and instead of the past yr wired system, this year they actually using the Champion Chip as the time keeper....At least this year Tee is much better looking than the last but the material feel rougher...... ahmtag06 Other than the race tag, Championchip and event tee, other goodies in the pack are 1. outdated SNAG magazine which has half naked photos of some is defective -> got repeated pages inside 2. voucher of 40% off Reebok products -> Wow! Shopping time soon, maybe is time to get a new shoes.... 3. $5 pastamania voucher - good for pre-race carbo loading 4. SAFRA running club and energy one club flyer 5. a pair of AAA GP batteries 6. My 3rd booklet of NDP discount vouchers 7. One blank imation CD 8. a packet of activade sport juice beverage -> maybe is leftover from NDP BTW, i have not received my last year cert

2 comments: said...

yea super kiasu! dun nid to wrk today??

loneshark said...

Eeeeee.... This year T-shirt SOOOOOO UGLY! Yucks!


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