Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A lousy day to start a new month

what a lousy day to start with on the first month of aug...due to the following 5 reasons: 1. HACKED - The F was hacked!!! and it really caused disruption to quite a few activities and especially those who visit it like a lost of a best friend....felt lousy and useless that I cannot do anything to help. 2. ULCERS - i am proned to ulcers...currently having 4...1 at the left side of my tougue and 3 joined togather at my also pain, drink also pain, tok also pain....except running will not feel so pain 3. WORK - was called into boss office to be told that I ahve to cover somebodies job due to improper planning by the other parties and i got to check and plan testing for my own design...tell to find bug like that?? 4. Fitness test - this was my worst fitness test ever...was supposed to report at 3pm...i obeyed the end 3.45pm still got pple walking in....we waited for half an hour and the sky started pouring...and it was getting heavier and to run in rain later...but half an hour later, a useless briefing was conducted.then we waited...i dozed off for an hour..and we started to do some organisation..luckily i met 1 friend there and made another friend so that i am not so bored....i already cleared my test for this year but i thought maybe i can try to go for more $$ so i did not went home(which i can actually do that). Finally, after 2.5hrs of long wait, we started the static station of the test at 5.30pm...first station was statnding board jump for me..the mat was in very bad was slippery at the take off and i almost slip..i really wonder if the distance marking is correct..seems to be quite long...first try was 2.21m, lucky...tried another one only reached 2.25m..crap..there goes my extra $$....moral low...went for chin up...dunnoe i only managed 8 and din made it for 9 which is minimum for extra $$...crap 2 stations gone case...i can opt to go home but my friend said he wanted to try and do a below 12min 2.4km so that he can get $200 so i decided to pace him later. shuttle run was next...the one who timed was crappy...he start his stop watch before he said go...0.1s lost...and he was sitting down wayang wayang...din do timing properly..worst of all, we are doing on sanding rough ground...i only managed a 10.2s...which is good enough for 5 detail all did >10s becos of him...the final was situp which i fared badly 3 weeks bad....but i managed to do 38 for full was 6pm when we finished our static stations before we proceed to the start point of the run.... The conducting person was he end, his supervisor also lost patience and step in to get things organised...everything was big stopwatch for runners to check their lap also so my friend was quite worried as he did not ahve a stopwatch to monitor his pace...we supposed to run 3 laps of my friend need to do below 4min for each rd in order to do <12min. we finally started the run at 6.15pm...i followed beside my friend for the whole run and finished the first rd at 3:35min...he started to slow down a bit during the second i encouraged him to hold his ground..finished second round at 4:10min...i pushed him on and he started to increased his pace...The pace was nice and he(and me) managed to pull off a 3:40min for the last 800m to finished in 11min 30sec which is more than enough for his $ least, i did not wasted my trip there 5. CBD run - I started to miss CBD run


weishan said...

we miss you at the cbd runs too! and i miss ur valuable tips and naggings... heh heh :)

nemo said...

Hey Bro,

Dun fret! It was just a bad day and I believe you can attain the gold award that you want! Let's go to Khatib in Sept and earn our gold!

Teelee said...

Relax Taz,,,,,
Still got chance, next time show able to get your extra $$


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