Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday blues run in loops

bk2kmloop It's monday...and it's blues...why not green, red or yellow?? system was extreme slow in the afternoon which caused my work to be delayed...i was unable to complete my task today by 6pm so i was carry on afetr office hour when the system become normal again.....left office at 7.45pm lucky for me that, a small walk at my neighbourhood shopping centre was able to find the thing i need.....took a brisk walk home and changed up for a run. originally, wanted to do a 10km run...in the end....i cannot believe what i did!!! i was doing 2km loops at buangkok MRT field....i wanted to do a comfortable pace so that i can last for 5 laps.....started out at abt 9.15pm....my feet just went haywired.....pounding the road with no control....i finished the first round heavily breathing at 10:21min...i guess..the warmup part was a bit the too fast liao....went ont he second round and try to contain my speed....just not the day of running for me.....mentally sick...struggled to finish in 9:46min, which was way too fast......i decided to try to maintain for the 3rd round.....feeling better and more smooth in my steps.....but after the last turn, i started to pickup speed...i decided..that's it....i going to stop...cos i going way too fast...so i dashed the last 500m to finish the last round in 8:56min.... bad run on the bad day.....once in the blue moon.... shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 6km total time: 29:04min average pace: 4:51min/km lap: 2km for 10:21min@5:11min/km 2km for 09:46min@4:53min/km 2km for 08:56min@4:28min/km

1 comment:

Teelee said...

Wah, getting faster and faster each time,
everyone got its bad days mah,
so its still okie, somemore its monday bluess


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