Saturday, August 12, 2006

Northern adventure: Point to Point Run

"I still love those long easy runs on sunday. They're the mainstay of any training program. It's like saving pennies: put them in a jar and over a year you accumulate 50 or 60 dollars" --Robert Wallace, marathoner
skcp2wlcp I set my alarm on my HP to 5:50am. Somehow, where i managed to be awakened by it, it was already ringing for 5min.....pulled myself out of the bed, i went straight to the toilet and sit there....for 5-10min...dazing and my mind was blanked....finally managed to woke up, i washed my face and felt my adidas adizero SN over my feet, i headed out to the door on a cool sat morning. I reached compasspoint and lokun's Honda CRV just came in with LS and KJ. JT came not long after CW also appeared and TL ran from his house in this Orangy Saucony quick dry tee. 3 more supposed to joined but pulled out last minute..... I was still in dazed as they feedback to me.....we only managed to start at abt 6:50am....i was running in front with KJ and the rest just followed behind....a great morning, cool weather, wonderful company.....we started our unknown journey, about 18km away towards the other Point in the north, the Causeway point. As our journey continues, so is this FR which u can continue reading from HERE


KickJazz said...

hey Taz!
THANK YOU so much for organising this run!! I had loads of fun running with u all to Northpoint. It was a well thought out route and plan. Enjoy hearing your stories too!

The bus ride back home was comfy and fun haha ... really makes me feel younger :P

To many more such good runs!

nemo said...

Eh bro, blog title spelt wrongly... should be "Northern" ;P

run to live said...

u r welcome KJ, its my pleasure to plan out the route for everyone to run....lucky the route are "run-able" cos this is also my first time running this route....

thanks sharky!!! corrected

Teelee said...

Nice Run, , ,
The Route is shwee, weather is good.

roentgen said...

Hi there Taz!

It was a GREAT route today. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering all the hidden tracks and secret access routes along the way. And so nice to begin early and capitalise on the cool morning air.

Thanks again for organising. So when is the next midnight run?? :P


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