Saturday, August 05, 2006

Early bird run with me, myself and my running shoes to ECP

"How important is rest in the training equation? More important than most runners know" - Paul Goss, running coach brecp20km Got to be home by 8pm for another appointment. So i will not hav enough time if i will to join the group run at legs just urge to go for a long i decided the nite before...i should go for a 20km run/walk with the new ratio of 8min run 1.5min walk which i wanted to try out. Managed to pull my sleepy body out of the bed at 5.15am when the nite outside is still silence.....changed up and wore my air pegasus out of the the way, i regret not wearing my other 2 pairs as this is too small for LSD....anyway, i thought if i do run/walk, maybe this pair still works... headed out to the road...i was deciding..where should i was 5.30am, an hour to the meeting of th group run at ECP...i thought...maybe i should try and see if i can catch them at the starting point by going the new way which i never tried due to the heavy traffic (but not at this time of the day). I headed down eunos link and went down towards ECP along still was a cooling and lovely morning...only me, myself and my running shoes pounding the road....i reached marine parade library junction at abt 30min...i guess, must have covered abt 5km....i guess I was pushing quite a fast pace for my run part and relaxing for my walk.... I turned towards parkway parade before going right to katong shopping centre and turned to mountbatten road...going towards ford road....all these while, i was very lucky that all traffic lights turned green at the moment i reached the i din lose much time waiting for the lights....i was doing quite a comfortable pace when i finally entered ECP service road from ford road...heading towards the carpark meeting point....i was just in time and a small group of them gathered around lokun's CRV....I only stayed for a few min and chat a while before i head for the toilet and on my way again.... I estimated to have rested for abt 8min there.....the re-pickup of my run was tough but i keep to my previous pace and run/walk was abt still not 7am but ECP was filled with runners burning the road......the sun started t rise by the horizon and the wonderful breeze was blowing against my sweaty body..... I reached the food centre after abt 30min from my re-start point before i went up the highway towards bedok south road....the sun was up and the traffic has begun to get heavy.....i was unfortunate this time to be stopped at the traffic lights for a while which breaks my momentum...i followed the road all the way to bedok central before i turn right to bedok community centre....the traffic light wait in front of the CC was toes started to feel the pain...i guessed the shoes was really too small for this run (or maybe this shoes are just not good enough for LSD??)...either i was hit by blisters, or black toes...i will not dare to bother abt it now..crossed over to the swimming pool...i continued my way down towards the reservoir. I was stopped against at the next traffic light for quite a while..... I finally reached the reservoir and the sun was already heating up the place....there was quite a number of morning runners along the running path and i finally reached my end point at abt 7.40am comfortably....just enough time for cool down....dragging my painful toes...i dare not use this for >10km again Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 2005 total distance:19.8km total time taken: 2hrs 07min average pace: 6:25min/km laps: 5.1km - 30:03min@5:54min/km 4.5km - 25:49min@5:44min/km 8min rest 5.1km - 30:18min@5:56min/km 2.3km - 14:59min@6:31min/km 2.8km - 17:52min@6:23min/km

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KickJazz said...

hey Taz! Was good to be able to see u (albeit just for a brief moment) at the ECP carpark last Sat! Tks for coming by to say Hello! :)
Hope to join u for a run real soon! :)


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