Sunday, August 27, 2006

AHM 2006

It was the day of the year for the biggest running (maybe sports also) event. 60-70k runners gathered at padang for the annual sheares bridge and army half marathon. most runners will be out to do a PB, but for me...PB is bonus...finished without injuries of illness is more important. I have been doing long slow runs so i dun expect myself to come in strong in speed here. I was pickup by gentle together with red xiao ding dang, JT and KJ. We reached at abt 4.45pm at raffles city. started to jan into the carpark but we still got a good parking space. met a few other sgrunners before we proceed to tam kim seng fountain to meet up the rest..i went for my last toilet break. We moved to the start line and the mc was not impressive with a poor choice of music, The crowd moved and we moved....the run started...i followed lokun until 2+km before i lost him..started out with a good warmed up i hope i dun have to vomit too many times....catch a toilet break at ECP....the run was smooth and comfy until the 14km mark where i was stopped by traffic for the first phelgm came and i got to split out constantly to clear my throat.... The rest of the journey are stop, run, vomit....took a powergel after 16km...the water provided are too cold which constrict my throat and made my problem worst....and the isotonic drink is the coconut juice which is too sweet and thick for my liking......... reached the 20.5km at exactly 2hrs and slowly make my way to the finishing line..... finished 27min faster than last yr below is the briefs at each lap points.....who knows...maybe i will vomit blood during a race one day race detail analysis: Shoes: Adidas adizero SN total distance: 21km total time:2h 02:50min average pace: lap split 1km - 6:29min 0h 06:29min -->big crowd along shenton way. warming up with lokun 2km - 6:28min 0h 12:57min -->turning into sheares bridge, massive jam, still with lokun 3km - 6:10min 0h 19:07min --> going up sheares bridge, everyone slowed down becos of the slopes, i push faster 4km - 6:01min 0h 25:09min --> strted to ahve more space and i started to warm to go faster 5km - 5:33min 0h 30:42min --> concentrating on running form, breathing is OK 6km - 5:22min 0h 36:04min --> going into east coast, running path narrower, squeeze and move faster 7km - 5:42min 0h 41:48min --> started to slow down a bit due to congestion 8km - 5:44min 0h 47:33min --> continue to maintain the pace and squeezing 9km - 6:20min 0h 53:53min --> after U-turn, dashed into the toilet to pee, met gentle 10km - 5:25min 0h 59:19min --> able to push on with more space to run 12km -11:13min 1h 10:32min --> along nicol highway and reached the best water point by 6 div 14km -11:37min 1h 22:10min --> pace maintain comfortably until traffic stop just at the junction of middle road and beach road...14km marker just across the road, phelgm problem came 17km -15:17min 1h 37:27min --> from middle road to liang court, kena a lot more traffic light stops and breaks the momentum, started to stop for vommitting phelgm a few times. took my powergel 18km - 8:16min 1h 45:44min --> really wonder y this 1km was the slowest and i dun feel i slowed down. but i stop to vomit for a few times 19km - 5:46min 1h 51:31min --> a bit of slopes and started to have more phelgm to clear 20km - 5:49min 1h 57:20min --> push on and on 21km - 5:29min 2h 02:50min --> reached 20.5km mark at exactly 2hrs, i was splitting and focusing at the same time...tried to slow down to comfortable pace and finish decently

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mis_nomer said...

Congrats! :) Is vomitting common? I just read renohtaran's blog and he puked too. Scary!


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