Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dialy Inspiration - how to fight

"fight fire with water, anger with love, sleepiness with kopi, depression with a run" - TazzyBoy on the run


angelica said...

wah.. i like ur dialy(sis) inspiration v.v.v. much... was the spellin mistake intentional?

opposite collide and neutralise...
we filter and filter and filter our tots (molecules from inside, outside, everywhere)... and the semi-permeable membrane is our filter, our gauge and judgement!

Biochemistry. the separation of large molecules, as proteins, from small molecules and ions in a solution by allowing the latter to pass through a semipermeable membrane.

dialysis stops whenever there's equilibrium/ balance/ agreement between the individual and the external factors! furthermore, we only sieve through what we deem as acceptable.

until then, we would all continue fighting...

ok, enuff of blabber...
- i think too much... hahha
- runnin is therapeutic...!!!

t@z said...

wah! so coincidence har!...er..the spelling mistake is unintentional....i always type too fast and never double check....din know i hit another stone..hahaa

thanks for the enlightenment on dialysis

weishan said...

i like this particular daily analysis!! wah.. u and angie both very very chim!! :)


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