Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sengkang > tanjong pagar again!!!

"you eat a hamburger, you run like hamburger" - Steve Riddick, sprinter
sk2tjpg16km tried this route again tonite becos i did not bring my gear along and wanted a i decided to meet up with the sgrunners CBD run group...... did better than last time and felt better...i guess, i have improved a bit..quite a number of traffic light wait (timing below include waiting time) before i reached kallang river...but the breaks are good resting points...when i reached my destination, saw a big group as usual...and celebration for cfred coming birthday.. after a good dinner at maxwell market...was sent home by TLV again.....and a disgusting thing happened!!! i should not mentioned abt it....especially after dinner..and lucky it was dark in the van.... Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 16km total time taken:1hr 31min average pace: 5:44min/km laps: 2.0km for 10:30min@5:15min/km 3.4km for 20:38min@6:04min/km 3.0km for 18:43min@6:14min/km 3.0km for 17:00min@5:40min/km 4.6km for 24:47min@5:23min/km


roonz said...

hey t@z i really love those 'daily inspiration' stuff...thanks for putting them up!!

t@z said...

thanks roonz....hope they did inspire ur day said...

i wanna know wat is the disgusting thing!! pray tell.


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