Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Balance REAL Run 2006

Woke up 5am just hoping i can clear my bowels and bladder properly before going for this terrible crowded run. managed to reach MRT before the gate opens.....waited 5min and shut came...we went down as planned to meet up with JT in the train and went to DG mrt to take a ride from the bladder started to filled up as we near DG...and shut and I went ard to look for restroom but failed...already running late..i decided to endurance to Sentosa. We reached Sentosa quite late and the jam into Sentosa is terrible until more manpower was deployed to reduce the car waiting time....we went straight to the beach carpark and dash my life into the gents to relieve my filled to brim water bag.....we proceeded to the start line and lokun was suggesting to start at the front so that we can have fresh sand to run in...we managed to squeezed into the first 25% of the crowd. Scheduled to start at 7.45pm, the run was slightly delayed. The weather was wonderful and i went out on the my own pace.....saw Brokie and decided to follow her a while...she just ran a 24km with the animals the morning before and she was still looking fresh....saw the lead runners back when i reached the satellite station....elangovan was as usually te lead man with Ben again.... after the satellite station...someone shouted for sukaimi!! i was shocked!! how can he be so slow? i guess he started behind me and was overtaking everyone of us..i did not came for any trial run this year so i was having some difficulty to pace myself...i was doing a pace until the 5km mark before hitting the sand. The sand part was fine with me after i switched my running style this year...not much fatigue and i was breathing comfortably..however, the poor pacing for 1st half has caused my phelgm to develop....i started to vomit after i finished the 2nd sand portion...decided to take a min walk break while clearing my phelgm was developing and coming out continuously....slowed down my pace and was able to control a bit....after the beach area, we crossed the road to the 2km "trail portion"....i was stop and vomitting phelgm every 500m....i guess from my run/walk training before...every re-start is fresh except for my irritating traget was to hit below an hour this year and i got quite a lot of allowance to i just stop and run until the last 500m where i met alvo..... I shouted for his name and ran past him....and i dashed the last 200m to the finishing line and my watched shown 54min....went to the side and vomited watever phelgm left....collected the tee and met up with the sgrunners...we took a "giant" photos and managed to meet a lot of new faces and some "old disappeared for long" faces before we parted and joined the group at tanjong beach for 2nd part of the morning. We swam, played volleyball and took more pics before we left for lunch at harbourfront....walked ard a bit and went home to rest for the rest of the day...... Not a good run that i expected due to poor pacing. But timing was much faster than i expected this is the first time i broke the 1hr mark..and it was 10min faster than the year before..... hopefully, i can pace better next week and enjoy the run.

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Teelee said...

10mins faster than last year run. what more do you expect har har.
Nice Run!!!!!
AHM next week,


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