Monday, December 04, 2006

Singapre Standchart Marathon 2006

This year is my 2nd full marathon attempt at Standchart marathon and the 3rd time running marathon distance (including last yr Ultra Marathon)......running was consistent thru out the year until the last critical month where the haze, my in-camp, food poisoning and sudden last min increased in work load causing big barriers for me to maintain my fitness right up to the marathon.... My aim this year is not to get a PB, but to have a comfortable finish....days before the marathon....the sudden load of work and caused me to worked >12-13hrs everyday which also resulted me drinking and eating less due to the numerous meetings and body got "heated" up by sat nite.. managed to wake up at 3.15am to prepare and walked ard trying to clear my bowels...i guess, due to the reduced in food intake..i din output much...JT has kindly hailed a cab to pick me up as we proceed to raffles city to deposit our stuff with lokun. it was nice to meet lokun's mother who came down to cheer her son...i decided to wear my shade and my open mesh cap just in case the sun or rain....and this happened again: whenever i wear my shade, the sun will not be out and the sky will be clouding... i decided to pace JT right from the start doing 8/2 run/walk as i was having some throat issue which will cause my bronchitis to relapse easily...we started slowly at a comfortable pace after walking thru 6min to the startline....once we hit the 1km mark...i saw pple dashing into the bushing to relieve themselves....and i decided to follow suit....JT was kind enough to wait for me a while.....we carried on at a comfortable i was entering marina south, my leg started to give me some pain(must be too long no running) was gone after the body warmed up....the african pack leading passed us at their 11km mark and we have just completed 4km only!! we started to see familiar faces coming at the other end after the U-turn point....also saw the lady dragging a tyres with other stuff running along....the half marathon and 10k runners started to caught up with the full marathon runners and there was a big mixed up.....the slower full marathon runners are blocking the way of the faster half marathoners and 10k runners..... We passed the 10km and decided to take our first package fo gl at the drink station....after abt 1km more, i started to cough and my phelgm starte to built up...i was feeling bad..and jialat...i was down with big problem....i spitted my way and vomitted and coughing till the finishing line..... after exiting from marina south...i heard someone called me and hit me on my was run3 enjoying her half marathon this year.....we turned into cbd area and back to tbt 16km, i saw a table full of bananas and decided to grab one.....holding comfortably on my right hand.... we reached nicoll highway and saw sotong and kelly...sotong was having big pronlem with his legs and was limping....kelly was torutring herself in this marathon....waterpoints this year area plentiful but unfortunately or is a blessing that the weather is good and more water intake actually caused more toilet break as we are not sweating enough..... we passed fort road and saw a group of tai tai having pininc in the road divider while cheering and enjoying runners dashing past..... we reached the half marathon mark abt 4min faster than JT's timing last yr...into east coast park....saw tiwazz limping away due to his cramp and daishiki enjoying her music on the run.....we are still feeling strong the weather was not hot and i was not sweating enough. causing my bladder to be full...i head for the toilet after the tennis we run across east coast...we can see runners coming back at the otehr side of the track....and rough we know their full marathon time.....due to this year weather...i guess, most 1st timer should do well and the experienced should get their PB we also see less heat exhaustion this year...more deep heat are provided so a common sight are runners with creamy calves running......we crossed the 30km mark and reached the sgrunners support table...the supporters did a greatjob in serving the runners and make sure they are OK......before we got out of east coast park...i went for my second pee...... as we run along fort road...i still remember i was suffering from here onwards... it was hot and water is running low at the stations...we are still doing ok and still able to do 8min run.....met m699ie at the stadium sprinkers and chatted a throat got worst and i was coughing more....spitting and pushing on.... finally reached kallang river as we saw the first case of runners collapsed....he was on drip and send to the ambulance....still doing okie...we decided to take the final walk at 41km mark. as we proceed to esplanade bridge..we staretd to see sgrunners supporting and cheering...JT was feeling the strain of the pace and distance as i pushed her passed the finiahing line at 5hrs time of 5hrs 24min which is an 8min improvement compared to last yr....well done JT.... after crossing the line...i vomitted pheglm and saliva...coughing badly that i cannot walked....some first aiders came along...requested for water but they just refused saying until i can breath properly...if i can ask for water...i can can breath right? finally after complaining and grumbling, they finally handed a bottle of ice mountain to me...almost felt like empty it by pouring the water over my head....but i just gurgle and walked away for my medal and finisher tee...... This year marathon was a more enjoyable to enjoy more of the scenery and pple...unfotunately, my bronchitis came back and i cough, spit and vomitted for the last 30km....and now i was sick typing this report.....starting to doze off due to the effect of the medications.....zzzzzzz LAP: 2km - 15:53min@7:57min/km 2km - 15:50min@7:55min/km 2km - 15:33min@7:47min/km 2km - 15:39min@7:50min/km 2km - 14:31min@7:16min/km 2km - 15:26min@7:43min/km 4km - 29:19min@7:20min/km 4km - 29:59min@7:30min/km 1km - 6:30min@6:30min/km 4km - 30:18min@7:35min/km 2km - 15:56min@7:58min/km 2km - 15:23min@7:42min/km 1km - 7:59min@7:59min/km 1km - 9:29min@9:29min/km 1km - 7:30min@7:30min/km 1km - 9:02min@9:02min/km 1km - 7:47min@7:47min/km 2km - 14:53min@7:27min/km 1km - 7:42min@7:42min/km 1km - 7:51min@7:51min/km 1km - 7:58min@7:58min/km 1km - 7:22min@7:22min/km 1km - 7:36min@7:36min/km 1.195km - 8:42min@7:17min/km SPLIT 2km - 15:53min 4km - 31:44min 6km - 47:17min 8km - 1hr 02:56min 10km - 1hr 17:28min 12km - 1hr 32:54min 16km - 2hr 02:14min 20km - 2hr 32:13min 21km - 2hr 38:43min 25km - 3hr 09:01min 27km - 3hr 24:58min 29km - 3hr 40:21min 30km - 3hr 48:20min 31km - 3hr 57:50min 32km - 4hr 05:20min 33km - 4hr 14:23min 34km - 4hr 22:10min 36km - 4hr 37:04min 37km - 4hr 44:47min 38km - 4hr 52:38min 39km - 5hr 00:37min 40km - 5hr 08:00min 41km - 5hr 15:36min 42.195km - 5hr 24:19min


Chubb05 said...

Many thanks for pacing me all the way till the finish line. If not for you, I don't think I can achieve below 5.5hr or my PB. So who is the kind one?? With your standard and running base, you could have easily get your PB with the fine weather yesterday even you are not 100% well. A big gam siam for sacrificing this year SCSM to pace aunty JT to finish this gruelling run and help me to get my PB!!! Your help and encouragement are greatly appreciated!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job pacer! Well done!!

daisiki said...

seeing how u sacrifice ur timings to pace Junie reminds me of the saying:A fren in need is a fren indeed!Thank u so much for kindly exchange ur finisher S Tshirt with my M size.

Rest n Recover soon,ultramarathon waiting for u hor!;)n u will run faster n stronger next yr for SCSM with no hiccups!U can do it!

KickJazz said...

For the sake of all runners in future, make sure u always have ur sunglasses on so that the sky will be cloudy :P

Well done on the marathon and u r truly an angel di di!! *2 thumbs up*

Take care of ur health and dun work too hard :)

t@z said...

chubb05: u did it!...i was sick so ahve to follow u....din sacrifice was an enjoyable and manageable pace for me....but almost died also

muggs: thanks...u did well too!!

daisiki: well done for ur virgin marathon

KJ: will wear sunglass next time again


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