Friday, August 04, 2006

LSD to chomp chomp

Is almost exactly 4 months to singapore marathon. Last year this time, i was still suffering from bonchitis.....very unsure if i still able to make it...but lucky i made it first time skpgbkamkcc Is actually a very short distance to chomp chomp from my house (maybe abt 6km??) i decided to detour until i was able to cover abt 18km. Did a slow slow run...and finally reached in 2hrs 26min.....a lot of traffic lights stops...very crowded at AMK mrt area had a fried hokkien mee a tthe food centre and took a cab home shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance 18.2km total time 2hrs 26min ave pace: 8:01min/km laps 3.0km for 17:57min@5:59min/km 5.0km for 38:00min@7:36min/km 5.2km for 44:35min@8:34min/km 5.0km for 46:24min@9:17min/km

1 comment:

Teelee said...

Huh!!! You ran alone ar!!!!
But the route is nice, can consider the next time. woohoo!!!


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