Saturday, August 12, 2006

NBRR 2006 Prelude + french fireworks

The NBRR Prelude was held at Liang Court this year...we guess, must be trying to get more pple into this "dead" shopping was quite confusing as everyone took quite a while to find out where to collect it.... Another 4D number to buy: nbrr0186 This year, there were some booths like the usual New Balance, powergel/polar, neat feet, nature valley and eagle brand muscle cream...met kops and dasher here...i keep hanging ard NB booth to find if there is any socks for sales like before...but nope this time.....went over to get 2 packets of powergels:vanilla and raspberry cream...this time having new packaging....hopefully they taste better also 2powergel after which i went hanging around shopping centres like funan, suntec and marina sq for the rest of the day.....these days...feel like doing retail therapy but does not seems to find any things to buy for myself.....towards the end of the day, i found a shops with lots of magazine and i saw this 40th anniversary Runner's World issue....i grab without thinking to satisfy my urge to spend $$$.... rw40thissue The night ended with the fireworks display by the french for the last night of fireworks festival:

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