Sunday, July 30, 2006

HSP Adventure Run: Kovan to Paris Ris

kovan2pp The original planned LSD between just a few pple from HSP has suddenly exploded into a in prompt to group run. The unknown route may be the adventure part which some are willing to explore. The original meeting time was at 7pm Kovan Mrt..the tiring but fruitful weekend has caused some of us to be late....5 ladies and 6 gentlemen actually turned up...TL was kind enough to wakeup earlier with lokun to arranged for TLV to be parked at the end point.... The run only managed to start the run at abt 7.45am....we headed down the same route as the last HSP LSD to bedok reservoir. The sun was up radiating her energy to the land as we pound the road. Quite a few traffic light stops before we reached The first rest point at bedok reservoir after about 55min. Most of us brought isotonic drinks and have a little visit to the restroom before we walked slowly to the reservoir park. I brought the group up the small hill overlooking the whole reservoir and we took a few photos with the scenic background. at BR We rested for a long 20min before we proceed back to the reservoir trail and completed about 3km along the resevoir bank. Headed towards the main road, we turned to the start of Tampines park connector.It was about 2km more to the next checkpoint at Tampines MRT. The 2km km was a slow stretch as we got to endure the waiting time of a few traffic lights. Everyone looks fine and warmed up so we only took a short 8min break before we proceed towards Paris Ris. After crossing sun plaza park, we followed the canal all the way to pasir ris town. The whole stretch of canal was not sheltered from the sun. About 2km along the canal....Angie started to walked....looking a bit strained by the distance and the heat. Half of the group also started a slow walked with her as the rest went ahead to clear the road ahead. After about 2hrs 45min from Kovan, we finally reached our destination at pasir Ris Beach beside Downtown east. at PP ppp 100plus cheersshoes united We did a group warmdown stretches and took quite a number of pictures before we took a walk to TLV. TLVTL TLV was fully packed and we were drove to Changi Village for breakfast/Lunch. We met the runners from Brokie's demoralising run and had a small chat with them before they went off first. Most of us were quite hungry and drained that we had 2 rounds of delicious food and drinks....finally after filing our stomach, TLV sent everyone back to Kovan to carry on the day Special thanks to TL and lokun for providing and arranging for today's transportationa nd storage for the runners. And to the runners who came for the Run....Well Done and thanks for enduring the heat and discomfort along the way. Shoes: ASICS NIMBUS VII total distance: 16.5 Kilometers total run time: 2hrs 18min average pace: 8:22 min/km lap: 7.1km for 55:19min@7:47min/km 20min rest 5.2km for 43:11min@8:18min/km 8min rest 4.2km for 39:18min@9:21min/km timing include traffic light stops


Teelee said...

So many nice pics and great run,
your map with the info getting better sia

KickJazz said...

huh ? 16km ?
tot we ran 18km ??

T@z said...

thanks teelee.....


18km is including rest time and shopping time at NTUC...if only run time...will be abt 16.5km only


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