Saturday, July 22, 2006

HSP run to Bedok Reservoir

It is not easy to find running kaki to run...especially to run at nite...for a long distance of > 10km...but i was lucky and fortunate enough to have 7 other like-minded runners to accompany me back to my old running ground: Bedok Reservoir. kovanbr2107 I fixed at 8pm to meet at kovan MRT.....came out of office on time..but it was friday and the road was super jam...bus came very slow as it was stuck in the vehicle crowd.....a normal 30min journey home became an hour.....i was lucky to be home on time for the run reached kovan mrt at exactly 8pm...saw superboy....and slowly, the rest appeared...we ahve 8 runners:myself, teelee, superboy, kickjazz, junie, shutehelup and fatty bom bom from HSP...and cosmic_wind came all the way down from tanah merah. we started the run along the killer ending slopes of Mizuno wave run...i guess we are stil fresh so the slopes does not look threatening.....ran to lor ah soo before we turned to hougang ave 3......going southwards towards kaki bukit....tonite's weather was colling and windy ...which makes the run more comfortable.....i was leading the run and set a very slow pace...abt 8min/km......along the road...some construction site have made the run more challenging....but managable...... I led the group into kaki bukit industrial estate before we reached bedok reservoir road......we reached out destination in 59min....we took at 13min break...some went restroom, some went to get a drink from NTUC...we walked to the reservoir after that before we started our journey back The re-start after break feels good...when all our body, muscles and joints have loosen up...superboy and KJ was in front pushing up their speed..i amanged to stop their acceleration... taking almost the same road back to hougang ave 3.....becos of teh workers dormitory alogn teh way, we encountered quite a number of foreign workers cyclist along the pavement..... We reached hougang ave 3 and decided to tell the rest to continue to the old tamines road junction instead of going back the same way.....FBB started to walked due to his tired body...and superboy was kind enough to leave behind and walked with him back.......KJ started to accelerate...i guess she encountered a surge of endorphines....she started to kick faster and faster...not to let her running alone in front, i also pickup and follow her close by....teelee push up and keep telling up...speeding liao!!!....junie and shutehelup was having difficulty following teh pace........ we sped all the way until the old tampines road junction and stopped for the traffic lights.....told KJ...that's enough....we should slowed down and the rest except FBB and superboy caught up and we took a slower recovery run back to the start point.....we took about an hour for the 7.7km journry from BR. after FBB and superboy are back, we took TLV to hougang interchange for a fulfilling dinner ...joined by nemo who came with his yellow scorpion king cycling jersey and his "wife"...we parted way after a short usual..teelee was kind enough to send all of us back again......... that's guys and gers for the great run and company.....u have gave more life to my run below is my details...timing include traffic light waiting time shoes: NIKE air pegasus 2005 distance: 14.8km total run time:1hr 59min lap 7.1km for 59:25min@8:22min/km 13:18min rest 7.7km for 60:14min@7:49min/km


Anonymous said...

Ya lor, next time must think twice before I come for such run. Slow down means speed up instead.

roonz said...

wah nice FR :)

KickJazz said...

Thanks for jio-ing & leading us for the run ! :)

A good run on a friday nite! Hope we can do this more often (to other parts of SG tho, the Bedok Reservoir route that passes by several industrial sites isn't that pleasing) :P


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