Saturday, July 29, 2006

The runner and the path...the morning run after party nite

I just finished this book called...The Runner and The Path This is a very meaning book as the author writes not about how to run, where to run and wat to wear for a run.....but rather....something he stated in his book below: "Life somtimes gets a little unruly. This book is a lot like life. I sat down, intending to write a celebration of the running experience. I wanted to capture the feelings of unfettered jog that came with creating a mountain, using your own power. I wanted to describe the sensation of liberation and relief that comes with the first few downhill strides that follow. I wanted to write about how running transforms lives, and provide an organising influence that helps and heals. And I wanted to talk about running as an art -- running not to get faster, but to slow down, running not to live longer, but to live more fully, running not to get away, but to come home. I wanted to capture the wit and wisdom of the people whom it's been my pleasure to run with. This book is about all of that, but it's something more......." Maybe someday down the road...i can also write a book for my own "running path" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After a small party last nite at the highest pub in Singapore (i think so.....), i still managed to wake up after only 4 hrs to sleep to meet R and J at MacRitchie for a short run. R wanted to try out his new NB907 trail shoes and I missed MR so much that i agreed to go his new shoes virgin run. And J was down with stomach flu days before...but agreed to run since she missed MR as much...hahaaa....we used to have a run at MR every sat without failed with several other running kakis last year....but due to injuries and illness and personal commitment, this did not last...... we arrived on early and found a school was having their X-country run....a big crowd at the lower carpark we decided to do only the trail part of 9.5km to avoid the cloud... J and I had a short chat while R was on his ipod....his music seems to go faster as he surge ahead of us for the first 4km...The air was fresh after the midnite rain and the trail before hitting SRCC clubhouse was very cooling.....we reached the ranger station and have a quite 2min water/toilet break and we zoom off again.... This time, it was J who has already warmup...going faster and faster while R stayed with my pace....his new trail shoes are holding up well so far....and we never see J again until the end point. After reached the MR25 TT route, the school students came walking along the trail...we got to slow down and keep shouting at them to give way....going at a comfortable pace, R and I ended the 9.5km at 1hr 4min including the 2min rest......took a quick changeup, we have a light round of snacks and 100plus at the hilltop cafeteria before we parted our ways....... hopefully, i will come down and cleans my lungs more often and get closer to mother nature.

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