Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sengkang > tanjong pagar: 16km adventure run

supposed to have something on after work...but appointment cancelled last minute.....i was lost of what to do and where to go....just like most pple who followed world cup...lost and confused. there is an early badminton session so everyone left early...me too...managed to reached home by 7pm...i was measuring how to run to tanjong pagar in the shortest possible way the day before...so i think and decide that, why not i give it a try tonite and meet up with the Sgrunners CBD run? i hook up my running attire and took out my nimbus....without much further thinking, i was out of the door by 7pm and started my run at 7:10pm sk2tjpg16km I ran down buangkok green and hit YCK road....the timing for first 2km was a bit fast.....waited for quite a while for traffic lights...i took a slower pace for the next 3km..one thing is also the slopes along the way....the traffic was heavy...i reached serangoon central and turn right into upper serangoon road....along the way...stopped by a few traffic lights and have quite a good rest.... the road after the adjunied road junction was cleared of traffic....and the headwind was cooling to run in......reached the major confusing junction under PIE...i was struck at the traffic light for quite a while. reached kallang riverside park connector and finally....clear of vehicle fumes.....i decided to turn into another shorter way to lavander side thru the industrial area.....finally reach kallang riverside park...strain began to be felt when i hit Kallang sea sports club..i guess, the earlier pace was a bit too fast to last.....i struggled on and reach esplanade panting hard...... running along teh crowded shenton way was a torture....finally reach chinese conference hall as the end point and i vomitted some pleghm...i guess, i was pushing too hard for the last stretch... managed to meet up with the sgrunners at tanjong pagar mrt after a torturing 16km run....managed to hit an average of 6min/km....today was celebration of angelica birthday and i heard there are 3 birthday cakes...wow....maybe next birthday got 4??? i only managed to eat one choc cake for carbo replenishment....we headed for dinner before teelee..the "official driver" of HSP drove everyone of us home as usual.... shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII distance: 16.0km time taken: 1hr 36min average pace: 6min/km lap time 2.0km for 10:51min@5:26min/km 3.4km for 20:44min@6:06min/km 3.0km for 20:47min@6:56min/km 3.0km for 18:25min@6:08min/km 4.6km for 25:50min@5:37min/km


Teelee said...

Power La, i like this kind of run, maybe 1 day i will run down also, SO SO SO SO faRRRRR

jt said...

next time you run past without calling me or worst till do not even say hello when I called your name, I will definitely WACK you!
mei li mao di ren!

t@z said...

teelee...join me one of these day to do it again,.....or we can try a new route down

Wait i disturb ur pah tuoing...u will WACK me also....hmm...better let u pah tuo properly....somemore so dark there...i so scare it was not u who was calling my name...hahaa

KickJazz said...

wahhhhhhh ..... run so faaaarrrr .....
i am v tempted to do that too but from TP back home. ;P


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