Saturday, July 08, 2006

HSP walk

i joined the HSP run at 7.30am meeting at punggol park. But started my run 90min before that. Woke up at 5:50min, i managed to pulled my lazy and sleeping body out of the door by 6.10am and start my morning run. hsprun090706 I started from ranjong LRT and ran along the LRT track for 5km until i reached Sengkang east way before i turned left towards Punggol Way. The morning was cooling and comfortable...i reached the junction after punggol MRT at about 6.50am and waited a while to meet up with gentle, who is going to make a special appearance for this morning HSP run. The route is shown in BLUE on the map. We ran down 3.8km towards punggol park along punggol road and reached just before the meeting time.....Junie Ah jie was the first to arrived and waiting to do warm up.....slowly, more and more runners started to come in and we have a record number of HSP runners this morning..we ahve 2 new comers staying at my areas and even have a few from other areas joining us.... The orignal plan was to run the mizuno wave run route but due to concerns by some runners, the route has changed...So the organiser decided to do a big loop round punggol as shown in RED on the the map. eventually, the big group was split into 2 group running fast in front and the 2nd group falling far behind....after abt 2-3km of jog, the back group started their long walk...FBB was still not fit and KJ was feeling bad abt her shin..i was also feeling a bit strain by the morning sun and teelee has exceeded his limit mileage this week. We did a long 2hrs walk along the 11km route and finished back at punggol park..This was more siong than a 10km run man.....some early runners have left and the rest of us proceed to kopitiam for a hearty breakfast...we parted ways and i escort 3 of them along the wayhome.......after a nice bath....i headed for my bed for 2hrs recuperation nap before i carry on my days..... cheers to the runners and walkers....another great HSP run this morning


KickJazz said...

Hey Taz,

Thanks sooo much for keeping the rear runners company! Greatly appreciate it!
*thumbs up*

T@z said...

no prob jazz.....c u in the next run


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