Monday, July 24, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

Finally the day has first proper running event to take part in..woke up at 5.30am after only 4 hrs of sleep....fully geared in my Adi-red running attire...i jog down to IHM to meet up with KJ for a warm-up, wakeup jog to hougang mrt along hougang ave 4. Our timing was very right as we both reached the meeting point at the same time.....i ran a total of 26min for 3.1km from my house to the MRT. We reached Kovan mrt and started to meet some familiar faces.....walked towards kovan hub, my bowel started to move...something very irritating abt this run is there is no mobile toilet for use...runners have to searched high and low, queue and wait for toilet....and is the first time i see the gents having longer qeue than ladies. I parted with KJ and went up to the hawker toilet....there are abt 6 guys in front of me...i decided to go and register and get the goodie coupon before in search for the next.... after collecting, I went further down to kopitiam (i did cleared my bowel there last year)...and finally got into the restroom for was abt 7.20am and i rushed down to the starting line to meet up wioth the rest of the guys...this year seems to be well organised as there is a refreshment point just behind the start/end point with bananas, watermelons and water.... It was not long when the run was flagged off.....supposed to be for compeitive only, but most of the fun runners like me tagged along.....i was with a group of guys like balasing, tiwazz, alvo, yankee, Death??? lane of the road was closed but is still not wide enough for the was closed to walk pace at least for 0.5-1km.......after entering old tampines road, there are more spaces...myself, death???, alvo and yankee started the darting game....we overtook slower runners and squeezed between runners the 2.5km mark to seen pretty early....a waterpoint was setup there...but the one lane route was quite packed with runners...... Way before reaching the U-turn point, the returned runners are back...i was wearing shades and trying to make my way forward so i did not able to spot who were at the other side of the road. i lost alvo and death?? but yankee was by my side all these while... we reached the U-turned point . watch indicated about 26min....i took a sip at the half way waterpoint and rushed ahead....increased my speed a bit as the lane was clearer to run....saw charmane and cFred running together.....i past them and also saw superboy...i went ahead as cosmic-wind zoomed past me like a wind...tried to catch up with him but decided to maintain the current steady pace....i also met tekko who was nursing a knee injury and brokie..... death?? was with me as we came towards hougang ave 3...the traffic police stopped us suddenly and both of us pulled our emergency brake....i stopped but my phelgm started to rushed up my less than 10sec, the police rushed us to continue....i re-started fast and in last than 300m, i vomitted as the phelgm was choking my air passage.....momentum as lost, energy was "chi" went haywired as I regain my steps and pushed on with my willpower.....the final climb became a struggle....about 100m from the finishing line, i stopped and vomitted the pheglm again....regained my weaken body, i crossed the finishing line with my watch stopped at 52min exactly.... Not a comfortable run towards the end due to the emergancy stop...but i would said the organisation of this run has improved terms of logistic and water.....and the weather was superb....the cloud helped to shade us from the strong sun.....definitely a good run for speedsters for speeding..... luckily i signed up for fun run only...the goodie collection booth was cleared when i was back.....but the competitive was very very long... The goodie usual, we dun expect much but the very impressive mizuno event tee...the sportmag from last year sept issue and the rest are just 2 vouchers, WOS membership application form, VRP Bio-enregy test flyer and Mizuno coming season product informations. as usual...sgrunners gathered....this time....we have sotong car and TLV as storage vehicles....everyone was impressed with TLV capacity.....and it was a happy moment when everyone including old-timers and first-timer to the forum gathered and made new friends....managed to take a photo with the legendary i got to go find the photo and keep for souvenir....the group photo was bigger and better from last year...we gathered and went to this muslim coffeeshop for prata and drinks.....chit-chatting for quite a while majority of the runners part ways but a handful of us continued our little gathering at KFC for lunch and some other sharings.. well done everyone....!! now...lets look forward for the next big one...NBRR


KickJazz said...

very shwee hor ur attire yesterday!
All decked in Adidas wear! :P
Tks for the warm up run to Hougang MRT station. Good slow warm up!

angelicious said...

wah... ya lo... ur attire so ang gong gong... very seh...

thanks for ur encouragements and all the best for ur steady pom pi pi NB real run...

T@z said...


u r welcome....the warmup runs did wake-up my sleep-deprived body.

ang gong gong lucky mah!! u have improved fast ever since we first met....keep it up and most important...enjoy ur runs

KickJazz said...

wah, the pics are shwee too!! The aerial pic is great!


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