Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lonely Run in BSP

Supposed to meet up some friends for dinner....it was cancelled last min and i did not bring my running gear for CBD run. Actually thinking of running down to meet them again but i came out of office late....so i decided to did my own lonely LSD around the area I decided to try out this loop around buangkok, sengkang and punggol.bsp17km My lower legs (side of calves) are still sore from last sunday mizuno run...i guess is due to the fact that when i run faster, my running technique in terms of foot pull and landing changes.....and i seldom do fast run recently...as a result, those muscles that i seldom use for my "new" running are straining quite badly.... but still, i am a mad and crazy runner....still head out for a long run in my Asics Nimbus VII.....the weather was good and cooling...this run was quite a good run in the sense, i was abt to control my pace well and managed to do a progressive pace to the end.....at the end of the run, i was still feeling fresh and not breathless...just my legs feeling heavy...... Overall...this is a much better route to run in the area because majority of the routes have light traffic or no traffic at all.....might use this route more often in future.....meanwhile...need to plan for this sunday LSD shoes:ASICS NIMBUS VII total distance: 16.6 Kilometers total time: 1hr 37min 25sec Average pace: 5:52 min / Kilometer lap time 3.6km for 21:33min@5:59min/km 4.0km for 23:42min@5:56min/km 4.5km for 26:07min@5:48min/km 2.3km for 13:20min@5:48min/km 2.2km for 12:41min@5:46min/km


Anonymous said...

Wah new route ar? Must try.

Anonymous said...

run to punggol also never call me? u good. will whack u very hard the next time I c u. beware!

Teelee said...

Good ...... nice pace.
Sunday run, looking forward to it

T@z said...

anonymous....pls identify yourself

Anonymous said...

Why must identify who am I? Give me one good reason. I will tell you if you allow me to whack you.

Teelee di di, that is a nice pace for you but too shiong for aunty liao. **sweat** **sweat**.

The last HSP's pace is only 8.22 - 7.49. This route his route is 5.59 - 5.46. **sweat** **sweat**

KickJazz said...

u r sooo fast!!! all below 6 min pace ... *sweat*


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