Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Running in our modern world

Took quite a long break from running......time to reflect and re-organise i was reading this words from the book called "The Runner and the Path" which I find it very meaning to my running. Look around, We have all of these time-saving devices, yet nobody ever has enough time....
Running gives us solitude........
It takes a pointless activity, such as running in big circles for no other reason than running in big circles, to give usbackt he time to be with ourselves and fre our minds and spirits to do what they were made for. That's why a "meaningless" activities like running can hold more meaning than entire days spent at the office, negotiating "important" contracts and managing "important" sum of money. This has made me look back at my last i left my "big money" 10hrs/day job to find back my life......and i found my running life back Losing our way to "life" in this money spinning world

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