Monday, July 10, 2006

2.4km trial run

teelee and richard gere planned doing interval training at hougang stadium tonite...i decided to join them and do a 2.4km trial run formy upcoming ippt.......i arrived early and cleared my bowel before i changed to my running attire...teelee came aftr a warm up run from his house.... we decided to start first cos mr richard gere will be late...teelee started his 800m interval while i went for my 2 rounds warm up.......ric came after i finished my awrmup and i pulled him with me to help me to hold my legs for my situps...managed a decent 39 within a min.....then i went to struggle 8 chinups beofre i went for another toilet break before my run I have ben doing quite a bit of long distance and no speedwork...i knew i will have problem with my speed endurance for 2.4km...heck...i jsut want to clear the 10min do it, i need to clock faster than 1:40min for every of the 6 rounds.... i started with a conservative pace and manged to hit close to target....i tried to maintained but for after 3 rounds, i startd to feel the strain....i push on but just cannot go below the the end, managed to finish in 10:12min.....hopefully, i can just shave off the few seconds off during the actual test which will be held in the morning and in better run route (I hate tracks!!) before i finish my session, i chiong with ric for his last 800m interval lap....after a 10min rest, my legs felt light and i flew....finished the lap in 78sec...... distance: 2.4km time taken: 10:12min lap time 400m for 1:42min 400m for 1:45min 400m for 1:41min 400m for 1:40min 400m for 1:43min 400m for 1:39min


The Dream Runner said...

not a bad timing for a casual 2.4km... and yes, the time should be better if running on roads, instead of around bends :)

T@z said...

wah! DR...these are not casual timing....i have pulled out almost everything liao.....

Teelee said...

Yeah... if running on roads can cut at least 10-20secs,
Sat see the result how... NIce interval yesterday

nemo said...

Hey Bro,

Thanks for the interval training with me.

Teelee, me and you .... We are the TNT group .... Power!


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