Thursday, July 20, 2006

Running to the North

Have not been running and exercising for past 5 days…whole body feeling uneasy…received quite a number of sms last nite asking if I will be running….but I am nto free…why do this happened all the time? skys11km Anyway, decided to go for a run tonite….and suddenly decided to hit the north…try out the route again from jalan kayu to yishun stadium. Last year, my running gang did a yishun stadium to jalan kayu and back…..the stretch between seletar camp entrance and seletar reservoir dam was horrible…the street lights are not working and we are running in total darkness…. Reached home before 7pm…so try my luck and see if I can hit the dark part before sunset……so many days of no running left me run uncomfortably …everything of my form was not feeling right…..hit jalan kayu and the heavy vehicle fumes was unbearable……looking at the sun…I do not stand a chance to hit seletar before sunset… my surprise, the supposed to be dark stretch was brightly lighted…the street lamps are working!!!… I went and concentrate on my run…feeling weird, uneasy and my running was not smooth at all… on and reached seletar dam finally after fighting my life on the road with the cars….the route from seletar reservoir dam to end point is also not a smooth one…the pavement is quite dark as the trees has blocked the streetlamp ….fallen branches and leaves..i got to be careful not to trip over any….. Finally finished my run at the junction of yishun stadium….took a small walked over to seletar reservoir jetty for warmed down….the breeze was cooling and wonderful…I think it will be wonderful to be here in the morning…maybe one day, can organize one for HSP in the morning and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the reservoir and golf course. With my sweaty and smelly body, managed to catched a bus back to sengkang in front of the stadium…..…. Shoes: ASICS NIMBUS VII Total distance: 11.7km Total time:1hr 7min Average pace: 5:44min/km Lap details: 3.6km for 20:51min@5:48min/km 3.6km for 20:50min@5:47min/km 4.5km for 25:22min@5:38min/km

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