Friday, June 02, 2006

Burning new rubber

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Some problem at work has caused my project to delay again.....i have to rush and a result..i have been leaving office late.....3 days of no running left me going crazy..... on wed, took a slow 4km run with my new adizero rubber..very slow pace for 30min....feeling good..light and responsive... happened to be able to leave office a bit earlier, i decided to take a road again...doing longer run with it to see any issue..... i decided to run to YCK MRT and make a good loop back...a distance of abt 12.8km......the shoes seems to fit well...nice forefoot cushioning....light and also not too tight....unlike my other 2 new shoes: Nimbus VI and pegasus2005, i dun feel strain on my archilles tendon at all!!! i got a US12 so the toes area is very roomy...good enough to last the marathon (hopefully can last till then) 3 days of no running has made a strain on this run...but actually, i was running quite fast for this long dstance....maybe because too much stored energy to be disipated or becos the new shoes are really suitable for my style of running......... Burn rubber burn........ Shoes: Adidas adizero SN Distance: 12.8km Pace: 5:29min/km Time Taken: 1hr 10min 08sec Lap time: 2.9km for 16:14min@5:36min/km 3.7km for 19:54min@5:23min/km 2.1km for 11:48min@5:37min/km 2.1km for 11:34min@5:30min/km 2.0km for 10:37min@5:19min/km

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