Thursday, June 08, 2006

Early birdie run for day 2

It is difficult to wake up in the morning to run, let alone waking early in 2 consecutive days with less than 6hrs of sleep unless your body is adapted to it........ This morning I managed to wake up early for a run before sunrise on 2nd consecutive days.....and even much earlier than yesterday morning....the reason being...if i dun wake up by 6am to run, gentle PY will come and knock my door down.......but he was late....very commited to training for his OSIM tri, PY gentle woke up at 5.30am to do a 30min bike before dropping by my house to do the run part. He only took 5min to placed his bike into my house and change his SPD to his beautiful Saucony Triump 3...maybe can try this shoe one of these days... We were out of the door and managed to start our run at about 6.15am....we went for the LRT route before turning into fernvale then YCK road and back by buangkok as shown..... early in the morning, i got to combat my sleepy body and slow PY took my about 4km before my body woke up and got warmed this is the first time PY gentle taking this route, i decided to slow him down to let him familiarise the slopes along the next time no excuse for him to go slow.... The first 4km was a slow 6.40min/km pace before we increase gradually to a 5:15min/km pace for the last 2km and managed to finish the 8.2km for 49min..which is an average of 6min/km Good and enjoyable run with good company this morning...hope i can have at least a session of this every week..... thanks PY

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