Monday, June 26, 2006

Sgruners 1st Year Anniversary

This post came late..very late in fact as I have so much to blog for the weekend....
Our delicious 1st Anniversary cake!

We have a BBQ celebration for Sgrunners 1st year anniversary last sat on the 24th Jun 06 at East Coast park i will update this now or never...hahaa I am not a man with good words....i have a bad command of english so pardon me if i wrote something wrong...i hope to keep it short and sweet but i can loh so a lot.... I met up with ripley kelly and ah bee at bedok interchange to take a ride from sotong....the weather was super hot...we reached carpark F2 and saw the tri clinic is having a briefing by Eugene... met up with the rest as we walk around..the rain came suddenly and lasted quite a while...we took shelter nearby waiting for other mod to arrived....participant of the amazing race also came late..and we got to start the race the end, 4 teams of 2 took part and evelynwee with imd came in first..... I finished by station and went back to the pit...found balasing starting fire.....i love to start fire so i snatched the stuff from him and startd to build the fire....later on...realrunner came by to help with Kay.... As time goes by....sgrunners came in and intro and join in the crowd....very fast...we got a very crowd....mixing around and eat the food.....we had 2 birthday cakes and the celebrations ended with a simple lucky draw which i sponsored a brand new nike waist pouch and nike socks from my ultramarathon prize last year. Tok abt my feeling with sgrunners...i would said..sgrunners has became part of my life a year ago....I started running regularly 8 months back before sgrunners started...i was stocking The Lonely Runner, DO and DreamRunners inspiration blog for quite a while before TLR announced that he is starting Singapore Runner's Bloggin community...i was hesitated to join at first because i am not a social person..i admired their blog and started a small lousy blog on my own....then one day....mis-nomer actually found my blog and asked my to join me...first time thick thick skin and emailed TLR....he replied promptly and here i am.....I am fortunate to b the pioneer batch of the members who still survived till now..... i have since SRBC grown and changed to the current a miracle....all the good work done by our webmistress and founder has touches pple's life...changed pple's life and inspired many..and i am one of them...i cannot believe till now i did my first marathon last year...cannot even dream before that i did a ultramarathon...and i did 73.5km in 10hrs 15min last year...all because of SGRUNNERS....i must log on the forum everyday....i will try to read all posting ......until recently that my work has increased that i reduced my participation tremedously.... I would said SGRUNNERS has give me a lot of new friends and a new life....and is part of my life.... thanks everyone in SGRUNNERS for keeping it alive and growing.... I LUV SGRUNNERS

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mis_nomer said...

did i really ask you to join SRBC? haha! can't remember. I haven't even gone for a single sgrunner's event.. oh dear. :)


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