Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Early bird in SK

Finally managed to wake up at 6:20am in SK.....my tired and sleepy body hanged over the bedside for 10min before i actually got up and wore my running gear..... I took a short 6.5km run in the opposite direction as shown in the map....started near Renjong LRT, I ran towards fernvale/Jalan Kayu....i really wonder if my body will wake up when i reached back to the same spot later.....immediately spotted quite a few morning runners jogging along the way..... I reached Jalan Kayu and turned into YCK road and went on the rolling 2 slopes for about 1.5km before reaching Buangkok... This is the first time i ran this route in the day and certainly felt different from the nite....by this time, my body did woke up and warmed up after 4.5km of run...my legs just went on and on and finally reached the final slopes and back to my start point....managed to finish the run in 35:11min....maintaining at <5:30min/km pace.....may have another morning run if i can make it tomolo "once u r out of your door in the morning, you r half done with your run"

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