Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nite desperate run

I was desperate to run after 2 days of no exercise this week. Super ow mileage this week as I only have time for the most 2 runs...did a 6.5km on monday....i was desperate for a run tonite...i tried out the route to AMK ave 6 and come back by YCK road of about 10km...a nice rout with couples of slopes at th start and at the second half of the run.....Will try to do this route again started with not very good condition after a long day work, i tried to maintain a constant pace thruout and up the tempo for the last 2km to end off the run. total distance: 104km total time: 58:05min ave pace: 5:35min/km lap 2.0km for 10:55min@5:28min/km 6.4km for 36:44min@5:44min/km 2.0km for 09:40min@4:50min/km

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