Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My virgin CBD run

It was my virgin CBD run….tempted to join in after I joined them for dinner last week. It was an incredibly big turnout of about 30 pple mainly becos there are 2 birthday hunks running tonite. Due to the number of new runners, we decided to stcik back the usual route. I started with the very last group together with james, reotegen, IMD, ai chai,…. We managed to caught up with the bluk of runners when they rested and have a toilet break at the pier 3.1km away from the start. A group of 4 girls wanted to continue and I decided not to stop for break and followed them back. 3 of them are doing well and went at quite fast pace but one of them fell back…unable to follow their pace…I decided to cheer her up and happened to be, she is now studying in NTU staying in hostel…so we started discussing about how hostel life have changed from my time to the present. Due to our conversation, she managed to finish the 9km run comfortably…but for me, becos I did not exercise for 4 days and last week was super low mileage, I decided to go for another 6km…to the pier and U-turn back again…..met some of the 9km runners along the way…I speed up my pace and keep close to 5min/km….the weather is cooling and I was without my water bottle but I was able to manage my composure for 30mins…..i reached back at the start point and celebration was half way thru…surprised to see TLR, FD and also balasing to come all the way down and join in the crowd…..after finishing all the cakes and pastries, we headed towards Maxwell market for dinner …have a fun dinner with 5 tables of sgrunners before we wnt separate ways…as usual, the generous teelee drove everyone of us back to our doorsteps before he head off to airport to fetch someone back to home………..A very satisfied run of 15km in about 1 and a half hrs

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