Monday, June 12, 2006

No time to run

Recently surged in workload towards the end of project is leaving me breathless....
it was monday nite that i felt lost in this world.....decided to go for a short run due to time constraint....took up the 6.5km round....started pretty fast....dunnoe y..just cannot stop the pace and my legs just went and went...leaving my lungs trying to catch more air.....ended up...doing much faster than what i time to got to run faster crap....right leg ITB feeling tight and feel pain when i press on it..should be due to lack of warm up jog and started too fast rest for 2 days..and it should be fine Shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII Distance: 6.5km Pace: 4:59min/km Time Taken: 32:23min laps: 2.9km for 15:13min@5:15min/km 1.6km for 07:51min@4:54min/km 2.0km for 09:16min@4:38min/km

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