Thursday, June 22, 2006

IMH exploration

I did anti-clockwise of my usual 6.5km loop round fernvale, bunagkok green and IMH took quite a while to get warmed up...i felt that my running technique have actually getting worst...maybe body still very stiff and not warmed up yet......On the way back to buangkok, i decided to explore IMH...there was a sign saying buankok medical park jogging track so i went in the direction and found a tamac trail with distance marking 1600m....for the first 1000m, the route is quite bad as it was slanted to one side...causing uneven landing on my legs.......the track actually ran the circumference of the whole medical park and i came to the main road feeling wrmed up finally...i took a quicker pace to finish the rest ofthe 1.2km. shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance:8.2km total time:43:59min ace pace: 5:22min/km lap: 2.9km for 15:58min@5:30min/km 1.6km for 08:32min@5:20min/km 2.5km for 14:16min@5:42min/km 1.2km for 05:11min@4:19min/km


KickJazz said...

u run so fast and still ask me to run with u sometime????
4-5min/km pace is definitely not for me hor! :P

T@z said...

hahaa....KJ, there are times to run fast and times to run slow....i will defintiely not ask u to run 4-5min/km....


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