Monday, June 26, 2006

LSD 22km to UPR

Very rarely that i have a chance to do a LSD on weekday morning. woke up late and decided to get a bit of tanning....i left my water pouch somewhere so today I have to take a bit of risk without running with one for running longer than 10km...maybe i can force myself to go slower with this....The only waterpoint i have is 11km away at the U-turn point in Upper pierce reservoir park. I targeted my pace to be able 6-6:15min/km. skupr22km Started out at 7.30am....the sky was cloudy but very very good weather....i put on my adidas shades as i am expecting strong sun later.....started quite fast for a LSD, i tried to slow down but my havent warmed up legs just cannot be controlled....the fumes along YCK road was terrible and i have to endured 8km of that before i hit the nature route.....once I hit OUTR, the air changes and it was fresh and cooling....the monkeys were out finding food and the road was extremely deserted unlike the morning during weekends. I hit the U-turn point at a pretty fast time of 62min....headed to the restroom for sip of water and walked around to loosen up my legs and enjoy the scenery...after 6min of rest, i took off and went back the rotue i came from.... I saw some cars and some aunties and uncle jogging around carefree...when will i enjoy this type of life?....can i do this when i retired? will i able to retire one day? uprpana The route back was more comfortable as the body has warmed up...muscles and joints has loosen...this time..i was able to push my pace down....hit the YCK road junction and started to take in the unhealthy condition was still OK...but the sun started to shine strongly.....luckily, the shades along YCK road has made the run cooling with a little breeze coming along... The route back along YCK road was easier as there are more downslope than upslopes....i was lucky to be able to run thru all traffic junctions and i hit jalan kayu junction comfortably.....after this, the strain started to set in...maybe becos there is no more shade and i was exposed 100% to the strong water with me to hydrate but i have not hit the dehydration line....i pushed on taking low but fast steps....the rest of the routes are flat and i managed to endured back to the end point with a reasonable total run time of 2hrs 8min..... i guess i will need a few more 20km runs before i can push my LSD distance beyond this...and also to slow down my pace further Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 22km total run time: 2hrs 8min average pace: 5:50min/km laps 6km for 33:39min@5:37min/km 5km for 28:38min@5:44min/km rest for 6min 5km for 29:03min@5:49min/km 6km for 36:59min@6:10min/km

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