Saturday, June 10, 2006

A crazy me in HSP run

There is a last minute organized HSP run this morning at 7am. They plan to do a 5km +3km (for KJ who just recovered from injury). I was undecided wgether to do a run on Friday nite or join them in the morning as I wanted to do a LSD on Sunday morning. Something just crop up last minute on Friday and I have to stayed in the office till 9++pm…so I decided to wake up early to run about 10km before joining the gang. I managed to pulled myself up at 5.50am and start my run at 6.05am…I ran down to buangkok green, hitYCK Road and I turned left towards serangoon. This part of YCK road is no good for running…becos the pavement is not in proper condition. There are a number of slopes and one of the upsloes of 200m, the pavement is slanted to the right. I continue until I hit serangoon central and I turned left along Upper serangoon road…doing an estimate, if I carry on until punggol park, I will too early…so I decided to turn to Lor Ah Soo and run along hougang ave 3 before I am back to Upper serangoon road and hit down the meeting point…I managed to finish the 10.4km run just below 1 hr and I was the first to arrived at the startpoint for HSP run. Met FBB and SV in the kopitiam toilet as we head out to the busstop, nemo just arrived. Andy was sick so he did not join and teelee decided to join KJ for the 2nd half for his rest day. I decided to bring the guys to the “secret” route which bring us along sungei serangoon to the 2.2km park connector…reached the end at old tampines road, we U-turned and back to florida and punggol park. Teelee and KJ was waiting and we started shortly after some rubbish tok……we ran along Sengkang east way and reached the busstop near TPE flyover. Rested for 5min and ran back to punggol park… WE went over to Kopitiam and had our sinful carbo replenishment before we part our ways A good 3 parts LSD for me today and I will try to do a 18km run from MR back home. Thanks for the company HSP …u guys are doing well with ur run 3 runs for me today using my new Adizero SN: Overall Total Distance ran: 20.2km Overall Run time: 2hrs 12min SOLO run: Distance: 10.4km Time: 59:36min pace: 5:37min/km HSP run 1 with Nemo, Shutehelup, FBB Distance: 5.5km Time: 41:44min pace: 7:35min/km HSP run 2 with additional teelee and KJ Distance: 4.3km Time: 30:52min pace: 7:11min/km

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