Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

mizunowaverun06 I have registerd the 4th event for this year running season. That is the Mizuno Wave Run 2006 on 23rd July 06, organised by VGO(Worl oo Sports). Went down to Toa Payoh WOS to register for this event during lunch. The salesgirl just replied to me said " nope..registeration only starts 23th next month"...i gave a shocked look at her and requested her to checked again...after looking at the flyers then she realised her big mistake....i managed to got "01" again at this branch...last year got 1401 for competitive...apparently, i was the first fun runner registered at this branch this year...
This year registration entitled the runner a dryscience event tee together with a 30% on regular priced apparels within the next 3 days of registration...i was tempted to get the mizuno running tights...but i think i will not get it as i will be gettingt he cw-x conditioning pro tights from US later in the year. This year route is the same as last previous 2 years..however, this year on the route map, there is no indication of water points like last year...u mean no water points this year???!!!??? hopefully, the organizer had listened to the feedback and improve on this year organization.


KickJazz said...

got buy 4D ?
i shld follow u and take a picture of my bib number :)

daisiki said...

if no water points,it wld look bad on the organisers

T@z said...

hi KJ,

i din buy and lucky din come out yet...hahaa

t@z said...

hi daisiki,

definitely...maybe we all boycott next time.....i believe there should be 1 or is part of participants' safety


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