Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My 2nd CBD run

I had a 1hr 30min meeting and ended right after 6pm...Oh shit...i gotta to be late for CBD run...the company was great and the group is getting bigger and better...i decided to head down whenever i can before my new project starts. i rushed out of office at 6.30pm and managed to reach tanjong pagar at 6.50pm...took 10min to change up before i join the group....some regulars are unable to join today but the group just getting bigger with new faces.... i decided to take the back and accompany Kay who have been out for running for a long time....cannot remember when we last had a run together....we have a nice chat and he was taking the pace nicely as we cover the back....some runners did not want to joint he long route turned back earlier while we take our time and enjoy the slow run in marina park...the main group decided to do the route up the sheares bridge and down the otehr end and run past esplanade before going into shenton way and back to the start point.... At the sheares bridge, we were walking and enjoying the scenery when xuanjing came to meet up with us and inform us that run3 had some stomach problem and cannot carry on....and she decided to turn back alone..... The marina park was dark and dangerous for a lone runner so SV and myself decided to U-turn and trace back to see if we are able to catch run3 along the way....luckily, run3 managed to find herself back after she lost her way.....hope run3 will be fine tomolo... Suddenly, the attention was turned to roonz who is having her birthday today....our good friend brought a big choc banana cake for her as we sing birthday song with a candle for her to blow...walaus..every week also birthday celbration with sinful cakes....everyone getting fat soon man.... anyway, happy birthday roonz...and SGRUNNERS din measure or time my run tonite..but based on the pedometer, i should covered abt 9km with a time of 64min


mis_nomer said...

That's sweet of SV and you.. :) said...

thanks Taz. u saved the day yet again. must go watch SUPERMAN this weekend! :)

T@z said...

haha...i din do anything...u came back yourself


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