Friday, May 05, 2006

Sengkang Punggol Run with FBB

What a day....orginal plan was to do intervals at Hougang stadium with SC5, patrick, teelee and Fatty Bom Bom....took a ride in a NEW Mazda 3 but found the stadium to be closed for jogging due to preparation for some event tomolo....decided to wait for every one to arrive and met up with patrick on his bicycle, teelee on his honda super 4 and came on foot is fatty bom bom...lamy also came.... After discussion, we decided to shift to Serangoon stadium....but only teelee and fatty bom bom will join us.... We arrived at the stadium after squeezing thru the heavy serangoon road traffic and was SHOCK!!! PAP RALLY!!! this is definitely not our day...SC5 decided that he has no time to carry on and teelee decided to went back hougang for his own training..... Me and Fatty BOM BOM decided to go for a long run round sengkang to punggol and i lead him to the route i took the last time.... I jogged from my house to Sengkang fire station as warm up...took about 8min to cover the 1.5km....met up with FBB and we went towards buangkok...turned to Sengkang east road and hit straight towards punggol...turned to punggol central and ran all he way to other nd of punggol before we turn back to SK by Sengkang East Drive and back to Sengkang fire station.... We took about 1hr 14min whcih is a very comfortable pace as i started to tokking nonsense to keep FBB company.... we parted outside SK fire station and i hit straight home at a faster pace...maaged to do a sub-5min pace for 1.4km ...a good run overall...good company and also very good weather Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 11.9km Pace: 7:32min/km Time Taken: 1hr 29min 40s laps: 1.5km for 08:00min @ 5:20 min/km warmup 9.0km for 74:42min @ 8:18min/km long run 1.4km for 06:57min @ 4:54min/km tempo

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