Friday, May 12, 2006

Adventure to Upper Pierce Reservoir via YCK and OUTR

Recently, I like to go for exploration runs....and you will see more coming in this new places and meeting new pple. I actually planned to run from Sengkang to Macritchie Reservoir this morning. Managed to force myself up at 6am and prepare my gear for my first morning run in Sengkang. Started at Renjong LRT at about 6.30am...already seen some runners on the road....I followed Sengkang East Ave, continue into Sengkang West ave and hit Fernvale. Turned into Jalan Kayu and reached the junction at YCK road. About 2.9km from the start point. Continue to run along YCK road with a steady pace....quite not warmed up and so i went on at a slower pace....the slopes along YCK road were gentle enough to cause no damage to my pace. Crossed under CTE, passed ST electronics, motorola, APPLE computer and reached the junction under the MRT line. that was 6km from start. I continued my journey at a steady pace...body started to be warmed up and my motion got smoother......up and down the was just another 2km before i reached the junction with Upper Thomson road.... I crossed the road and planned to turn left to MR...But...saw a group of runners and one of them is my long lost friend Mark Lee!!! Mark was a teammate of my during 2001 adventurer adventurer, swimmer/open water lifeguard and a very good cyclist....a perfect combi for tri.....i decided to tag along with him for 3.3km into Upper Pierce Reservoir dam as we chat and update each other of our lifes and friends.....they continue to hit the trail back to MR but I U-turn back to casaurina walk to end my run. My total distance ran today was 14.5km..which is about 2.5km more than orginal planned....but the last 6.6km with mark was at a much slower pace for chatting.......good run today....and now I got to try again next time to run to MR from Renjong LRT....8-( Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII Distance: 14.5km Pace: 6:13min/km Time Taken: 1hr 30min 14sec laps: 2.9km for 17:21min@5:59min/km 3.1km for 17:58min@5:48min/km 1.9km for 11:43min@6:10min/km 3.3km for 23:00min@6:58min/km 3.3km for 20:10min@6:07min/km

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wah u ran past my house! next time let me know and i'll treat u to some ice-cold gatorade to fire thru the rest of your journey :)


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