Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A crazy LSD: Kovan mrt-> Bedok reservoir->Buangkok Mrt

Today is the 9th day that I have worked without any break day and 8 continuous day of >12hrs at work…I even went back office for 6 hours meeting and 12 hours of work on sun……I was drained mentally and physically…….. I decided to take an early leave on the dot of the official hour to finish work….wanted to go for a run….thru msn, found that teelee also wanted to find running kaki for a long run of about 16km. So I suggested a route to him and we agreed to go ahead tonite…. Just I was about to leave….something cropped up…problem….got to settle the problem and I left office 45min later than planned. Managed to reached home at 7.30pm and rushed out of the house and meet teelee at Kovan mrt……we managed to started at 8pm.
The route took us from Kovan mrt along tampines road, turned into Lor Ah Soo before we turn to Hougang Ave 3…continue down to Eunos link, we turned into Kaki bukit and reached bedok reservoir road before we hit Bedok Reservoir itself. It was a pleasant pace of about 6.44min/km and we have done 7km for about 47:05min. along the way, we chit chat about everything under the moon….. we went one loop round the reservoir and took a short toilet break along the way…including the toilet break, we took about 26min for the round…wow…nice comfy pace which I normally wil l do 23min or below if running alone. Leaving the reservoir, we continue our chit chat and enjoy the comfortable speed and a good weathered nite…..we headed backt he same way and reached junction of old tampines road and hougang ave 3 which is 6.5km away from bedok reservoir. We took about 42min for this stretch. Teelee went back home from here while I decided to carry on the tough journey home. Due to lack of conditioning for distance above 15km…I started to feel a bit of strains on my legs from here onwards…keeping my pace steady……I decided to end my run earlier at Buangkok MRT station so that I can fill my emptied water bottle from the toilet there……it was 3km away from where teelee left me and I took about 19:51min…. A nice cooling run with a good company….i managed to run 20.8km for a total of about 2hrs 15min with a constant 6:30min/km pace….feeling a bit of strain but a great sense of achievement today…..hopefully, I can maintain the consistency in running and I should be feeling more comfortable finishing AHM, SCM or even the ultra marathon on New Year Eve. Thanks telee for the great run Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 2005 Distance: 20.8km Pace: 6:30min/km Time Taken: 2hr 15min 17sec Lap time: 7.0km for 47:05min@6:44min/km 4.3km for 26:17min@6:07min/km 6.5km for 41:57min@6:27min/km 3.0km for 19:51min@6:37min/km


run.run.runaway said...

doing wat u enjoy - running long distance. congrats.

The Dream Runner said...

have always tried to figure out how to run from my place (near Kovan) to Bedok Reservoir... seems like u know the route quite well... hope to join you one of these days when you do this route again...keep me informed yah!


T@z said...

sure DR


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