Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Health screening result

The NKP Health screening bus happened to be at my company building today....i pop by for a free health check which i last done more than 5 yrs ago...... here my healthy results: BMI : 21.7 (healthy range 18.5 - 22.9) - a bit on the high side towards overweight Waist Hip Raio: 0.76 (Male <1) - This is good Body Fat Analysis: 16.8% (Male <30 yrs old 14%-20%) - wow...very good...last measured 3 years back is 22% Blood pressure: 1st reading - 125/60 2nd reading - 110/59 - good Urinalysis: Glucose: NIL Protein: NIL pH: 6 - acidic here Random Blood Total Cholesterol: 197mg/dl (desirable <200) - This is way too near to undesirable range Random Blood Glucose: 114mg/dl (desirable <140) - still safe Conclusion: Nothing to say....just health at the moment

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