Saturday, May 20, 2006


Woke up at 5.45am…trying to do a warmup run before joining the HSP. …kana a bit of stomach ache and went to the toilet to release $@#%#$%@….hooked up my Pegasus and managed to start at about 6.15am. I ran to Punggol along my usual route and came back to punggol park busstop opp Kopitiam. I managed to reach the meeting point at 7am sharp which is the planned meeting time. Today, I really did a HSP I ran thru punggol, sengkang and Hougang....a few of us were scheduled to meet at 7am but only 5 runners turned up; FBB, aichai, Andy and teelee and myself…quite a number of them pulled out last minute. Aichai was still nursing his flu and FBB was still having his knee injury. As I already finished my 1st run of about 8km in about 48min, I decided to stick with aichai and FBB at the back while speedy teelee and andy went ahead. We have a nice chat as we jog down hougang ave 7 into defu lane. At about 3.2km from the startpoint, aichai and FBB decided to head back first. I went ahead to make sure teelee and andy did not wait for us…….. True enough, they waited at the junction of the main road…I lead them back along Hougang ave 3…we hit the park along sungei serangoon when we decided to run to the end of the running path instead of turning back to houngang ave 7. we reached the end of the running path and saaw a small trail continuing along the canal……teelee said we can continue and hit the main road further up…….so we just carry on and true enough, it turned left along the canal and went under the bridge where we have to jump over the fence……we carry on along the canal until we reach punggol park again and cut back into the park jogging path and back to the end point… So 3 of us finished at about 1hr 3min for a distance of about 9.5km….FBB and aichai was still making their way to the end point while we hanged around sweating……we went ahead to kopitiam for breakfast after meet up and Nemo, who is flying to Taiwan in few hours time came over to joinus for breakfast… I still got to rush back to office for a super long meeting, I parted the gang early…… A good 17.5km LSD for me….very busy with OT every nite has reduced the time and energy available for runs this week….hopefully I can return to normal mileage next week

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