Saturday, May 27, 2006

slopes conditioning and the X-men

It is always difficult to wake up early for a run...especially on sat morning where the pat 5 days of stress and strain has drained the body energy out....but...a good run can revitalised the tired body... I got to overcame 2 barriers this morning......1st is the barrier of the mental to wake up before 6am..managed to do so at 5.45am....changed up and started my run at 6.15am..... I decided to try out the run to Upper Pierce Reservoir and make a loop of the many slopes and end at the famous cassuarina prata shop.... 2nd big barrier to overcome is to wake my body up from took me at least 4km to get warmed up......running along YCK road, met quite a number of runners and cyclist along the way...took me less than 46min to reach the junction with Upper Thomson road.... turned into OUTR, i was cut by cyclist and saw a number of runners running the opposite direction....then...i saw Vivain tang wth her furious pace (must be the Animiles run)...followed by more fast runners behind her.......i reached entrance to UPR and started my slopes conditioning.....up slopes were good but my control for downslope is terrible..... i cut into SRCC golf cource and here came Henry the tigger walking with his 2 friends int he opposite direction....exchanged greetings, i continue my way to SRCC clubhouse road.....the slopes here are as bad....i did not turned into MR trail but continue out to UTR by island club road.....turned left and continue my way to lower pierce reservoir toilet.....the downslopes are causing some strain on my right knees.....i slowed down my pace and keep my feet lower and closer to the ground.... managed to finished at about 1hr 48min for the 18.6km run...a good run which i managed to struggle at a pace below 6min...after cool down, i went ahead to buy the famous prata home for replenishment....... Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII Distance: 18.6km Pace: 5:49min/km Time Taken: 1hr 48min 11sec Lap time: 2.9km for 17:10min@5:55min/km 3.1km for 18:51min@6:05min/km 1.9km for 10:43min@5:38min/km 5.4km for 31:41min@5:52min/km 3.3km for 18:37min@5:38min/km 2.0km for 11:06min@5:33min/km got home for washed up and changed...left home for Great World city to meet up with 18 other!! 18 of us are catching X-men 3!!!!!...first time going movie with such a big group...met up with some of them for lunch first and aichai was there....we had a good discussion on shoes.....astrogal came late and had a quick lunch.....left us right after we reached the cinema entrance...after dilly dally.....all of us arrived just in time before the actual start of the show.......a simple plot but humorous at some part with a very strong computer effects at work.........after watching...more inspired to get the "X-men" tights from US...heeee

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