Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Run at MR25 20km route

I have never tried and never know how to run this route.....i only know the first 1/4, the middle 1/3 and the last 1/4 of the route...the rest the connection between upper pierce and macrithie..... I arrived early and met DO...saw a lot of indians walking around with tentages and ambulance.....then i found out Bank of India are having their walkathon. As the runners from Sgrunners started to pour in...Tekko was having difficulty to find parking.....i decided to start the run earlier with Alvo, meteor, violet and cokiee cos i knew the rest will catch up with my snail speed. The first 1/4 of the route are familiar ground until i hit SRCC clubhouse where I met cokiee who sped in front earlier on...I caught up with him and followed him along the way... At the end of the slopy road, we turned left to run along side the waterline and golf course till the dam at upper pierce reservoir....the rest are faimilir route which i ran 2 days back...Bug was running fast and overtook us along the waterline...soon, zhiwei and realrunner also over took us...while alvo was still far in front The route turned in what they called the "aircon" route before we hit back and went for Upper pierce main entrance...touched the gat and U-turn back to MR. The sun started to heat up. I was maintaining my pace while keeping cokiee company...he just had a hectic judo training the day before.... I left him at the junction of SRCC clubhouse and went my own pace ahead. back to familiar route, i bash thru the cordoned off landslide area.....reach back the fitness station and saw indians running and walking towards just started...the rest of th journey back was squeezing thru the indians....... managed to hit back at the end point and finish the run comfortably for 2hrs 5min 59sec. My longest continuous run for LSD this year.... after w waited for the rest to come back..we went to adam road food centre for the famous prawn noodles and sugercane juice before we left home for the rest of mother's day

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