Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My legs will go on, But not my heart

as the title has mentioned, I had attained the level of running where I have attained improved efficiency in running such that the stress on heart limit was reached before my legs get tired. All this while, when I do faster run, lactic acid will flood my muscle before i started to feel breathless....I guess, the past 2 months of work to improve my running style has shows some worth........ It happened that I was on half day leave today....i decided to go for a run at bedok reservoir (my old homeground). I was on the bus home as I was in the middle of reading the more important and exciting part of this book which i borrowed from Sengkang library; Running with Pheidippides: Stylianos Kyriakidas, The miracle marathoner

An inspiration and touching story of a man, a marathoner with a miracle running time of 2hrs 29min to win 50th Boston Marathon in 1946. He beat the previous year champion by more than 2 minutes and set the world fastest time that year. It is not the winning of the marathon race the highlight of the story. It is the life, the purpose and the meaning behind this race....He ran not for himself but for 7 million greeks suffering from provety and starvation. This is the 2nd time he ran this course. The first time 8 years back, a handsome young and fit man, whom is expected to come in top 5, had suffered from a bad bloody blister. He dropped out right after the 21 miles mark due to the hard concrete course and the new running shoes without break in. The story is more than this.....and is one which can touch the heart......honestly, i almost cried..... I reached home...pondering about and still thinking about Stylianos Kyriakidas.....we are fortunate in this times...having enough food to eat and proper equipments and no war to suffer...... I started my run after 3 days of rest from my 20km at MR alst sunday, which has drained quite a bit of energy to recover. I decided to do 2 was a fine weather with no heat from the evening sun and also fresh air and beautiful scenery...i wanted to complete 2 rounds at tempo pace....trying my best to keep a constant quick steps throughout the distance...... after 500m, i felt that i was going too fast....i tried to slow down but my legs just felt light and swift...hit the 2.4km at was damn bloody too quick..i usually hit around 14min for the for 1st round....i tried to keep my feet low on ground and keep a constant 180 steps/min cadence.....hit the finishing of 1st round 9:41min later which i took 21:45min for 4.3km...that was terribly wrong....normally will hit around 23min.... i continue to focus on my steps...ok.i just going to maintain the legs feeling still as fresh went tapping on the sandy ground....hit the 2nd round 2.4km for 11:24min....good pace which i tried to maintain....this run, i did not bring any usual water...and it started to take a toll me after this phelgm was building up as i tried to maintain my pace.....struggled and panting but my legs are still tapping swiftly...i managed to finish my last 1.9km in 9:06min....and this is my record time of 42:16min for this 2 rounds 8.6km course and also my 2nd round time of 20:30min is very close to my fastest for 1 round 4.3km.....after ending my run, my legs can still go on...but not my heart....

my last PB at this course is about 4 months back before my leg broke down to ITB and my body broke down to last PB story But the feeling of running fast still cannot beat the feeling of running ultra during last christmas where runner's high hit me.....this is the reason why i do not like short and fast run but long and slow steady run. took out my shoes and found a bad pain and bruised 2nd toe on my left feet....look like, my feet have overgrown my second shoes in 2 years......a new shoes might be needed in months to come especially for this year marathon.


milamber said...

Well done! Soon you will break the 20min mark. Phew! My PB is still ONLY 26mins. Wayyy behind yours! said...

hehe, i think i'm the opposite, i don't like to run too long.. will feel abit sian. hmm, perhaps i'm impatient bah.


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