Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First sin of the year: The PUMA jalan jalan performance trainer

I was out of blogging action for quite a while...in fact, i left Singapore last friday for holiday and came back last nite......Last Thursday, i managed to take a half day afternoon off from work to do some last minute shopping at Suntec for the trip...... I was walking and walking and as usual, i will go into WHY PAY MORE for a peep....they have been having closing down or renovation sales for months or even year...but true is that they have shrunk in size. I was browsing thru aimlessly when something caught my eyes....PUMA running shoes in the sale section...PUMA was one of the new brands that RSH brought in recently and last year, they started to have running shoes on the shelf.... This pair of blue running shoes caught my eye...i went around and i was shocked!! knocked my head against the wall and pulled my hair to make sure it was not a dream...the price was too low to be true for this pair!!!! it is cheaper even than my teva sandals!!! This is called PUMA complete Prevail IV....i went around searching for sizes and they are limited. The largest they got is US11....i thought jialat...no size for me again as i was using US12 for asics nimbus and adizero...i decided to try since is free.....and it fits!!! nice spacing and so the sizing is larger than other brands.... i walked around and saw another pair of puma called PHASIS IV selling at $20 more.....i decided also to try the largest US11 and it fits....but this shoes is much stiffer than Prevail IV....it supposed to be neutral cushioned...i decided to try again at Prevai IV and found it to be much more comfortable...the forefoot cushioning was great! responsive and soft! propelsion is comfortable and smooth..... After walking around and give it a second, third, fourth thought...i decided to commit the first sin (as I was still too sick to start running).... PUMA box is red and my favourite color...too bad the shoes are not red: puma01 the right side with a few RED paper on it...usually, i will read them for fun and laughter, peace and joy: puma07 And I found this to be very interesting!! Much more interesting than other brands': puma04 What you should do after owning this shoes: puma05 I love this one...especially the activity this shoes are suitable for: puma06 Even the sizing chart ont he box is interesting, describing your size below the chart puma03 You can read the following reviews on this shoes: Zappos review Running times Review Running network review My legs are itching for a run now!!! puma02 I went down to RSH downstairs for another peep....saw this pair again on the shelf but is a different colour (maybe u can say is a better looking combination) and it was still selling at original price which is $100 more than what I paid!!! and it was labelled as casual shoes (for jalan jalan)....at least i felt much satisfied and felt a great sense of achievement at the end of today BTW, this pair cost $39.90

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