Saturday, January 14, 2006

The SUN is out!!!

Finally...after days and days or rain and cloduy sky, the sun is out bright and smiling this morning.......woke up at 7am....and put on my gear and dash out of my was still gloom with the sun still behind the building....the sky started to turn bright as the nice cooling relaxed breeze blowing across the land....more and more runners were out this morning from family, kids, the usual old men and regular gals and guys... FIVE Big reasons for a good run this morning: 1. The Sun is out but not hot 2. The wind is blowing but not strong 3. The ground is damp but no water 4. The air is fresh 5. I stepped out of my house!!!! Did a very fast run this morning...did not intend to....usually preferred a relaxed run to start the day....but...went out too fast...and i clocked 22:28min for the first keep above 23:30min....i can feel the strain but my legs just cannot slow down...due to the 5 BIG i decided to do some tempo and see whether i can last till the end....keeping my pace constant, i managed to hit the "finishing line" at 42:52min...and this is a RECORD for me!!! fastest ever run for 2 rounds Bedok 2nd and last lap of 20:23min is also the fastest 1 rd ever did for the 4.3km.... went to checkout my previous fastest run!! dated 29 june 2005 at 44:26min!!! route:Bedok Reservoir 2 laps Distance: 8.6km Time taken:42:52min Average pace: 5:10min/km Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider VIII lap time: 4.3km for 22:28min@5:13min/km 4.3km for 20:23min@4:44min/km Cheers..............for the sun, for the runners

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Renohtaram said...

yay :) the sun was out :) nice!


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